BlaatSchaap SSO OAuth 0.4 Released
Mar 21st, 2015 by andre

A new version of the OAuth WordPress plugin has been released. This version mostly includes rewrites make it possible to integrate other authentication methods in future plugins. This is also the reason why I, from now on, will call it BlaatSchaap SSO OAuth. Anyhow, this release includes mostly stuctural rewrites, there are improvements in the account linking and account registration code. This release also includes icons for popular services. In particular, logos for bitbucket, bitly, dropbox, etsy, facebook, flickr, github, google, linkedin, meetup, microsoft, paypal, tumblr, twitter, vimeo, vk, wordpress, xing, yahoo and yandex have been added. Furthermore, there are some CSS enhancements to improve rendering on certain themes.

Edit: There is a last minute bugfix release 0.4.1, which fixes the sorting of the buttons displayed.

Downloads: blaatschaap-oauth_0.4, BlaatSchaap SSO: OAuth 0.4.1


BlaatSchaap OAuth 0.3.6 – another intermediate BUGFIX release
Mar 1st, 2015 by andre

Download BlaatSchaap OAuth 0.3.6 plugin for WordPress

It appears, when releasing BlaatSchaap OAuth 0.3.5, I’ve introduced a bug causing the page configuration page to generate an “option page not found” error message upon saving the settings. This bug was introduced while reconstructing the plugin so, in the future, other authentication mechanisms can be added. For this purpose I’ve renamed the page, causing the error. This problem is solved in this release.

However, the bug that was supposed to be fixed in the 0.3.5 release still remains. There is some unexpected behaviour in the WordPress database engine, causing a query not to run correctly. The same query runs perfectly fine when running it in phpmyadmin. Have a look at my problem, any suggestions?”.

If this issue can be resolved I will have an other intermediate release, otherwise I will be working on the next release, 0.4, which should include some more refactoring to create support for multiple authentication mechanisms. Furthermore, I might add some more icons for popular services.

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