Stupid bug in libblaatscrobble
Apr 5th, 2012 by andre

My qmmp has stopped scrobbling. Some error about a missing parameter. I guess this slipped in in an update. So, today, I decided to locate my old libblaatscrobble code, and just parse and submit the cache file.

As it hasn’t been scrobbling for a while, the file size was growing. This caused a buffer overflow, as, back in 2009, I was stupid enough to have a fixed buffer size for a dynamic amount of data.

The old code is still of the dgcshell project at sourceforge, but when my account got hacked in 2009, I lost all write access to it. (The code on there seems not to be tampered with…. just I cannot update it anymore)

I should get a new repository up soon, and re-publush all my old code, including this bugfix in my library…. and perhaps pick up this project again…. which I stopped working on due a bug, which I hadn’t been able to figure out back then, on the windows platform.

Perhaps I should consider a different approach, which I had chosen against back then… using sockets for inter process communication, as I was having problems with inter process semaphores.

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