BlaatSchaap Radio Control Daemon
May 13th, 2012 by andre

Now, I find myself coding in the middle of the night. As we are planning to revive the BlaatSchaap radio station, I have decided to write some software to perform some background tasks.

As I prefer open and free codecs, such as Ogg Vorbis, but some of Eileens listeners only understand Windows, proprietary software, such as Windows Media Player and patent encumbered codecs, such as MPEG I Audio Layer III.

Basically, the problem is, her tool only supports transmitting MP3, but I want to offer an Ogg Vorbis stream. Therefore, streamTranscoder must be started on the start of her broadcast. This should be done automatically. IceCast2 offers to possibility to execute a script or program on the source connecting.

That’s where the BlaatSchaap Radio Control Daemon comes in. This daemon will handle starting the correct transcoders on the correct connections.

On the other hand, while the automagical broadcast is transmitting Ogg Vorbis, an MPEG I Audio Layer III stream shoud be offered. This is handled by another instance of streamTranscoder. This process is continuously running. However, the CPU usage is rather high. I would not expect a simple transcoding process to take op 20% of the CPU. (Note that ezstream is using far less, this transcodes files to the stream)

Therefore I might as well write a tool to do that job (as I am not aware of any existing alternatives)

However, there was a different subject I wished to write about. What license should I publish my code under? I took a look at my libblaatscrobble, which I released under Zlib license in 2009. That was the license I’ve used for most of my projects. However, I was looking at the MIT license as well. So, what will it be, Zlib or MIT or new BSD? Oh yes…. the differences are in the details.

For reference:
Zlib MIT new BSD

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