BlaatLogin: OAuth version 0.4.4 released
May 5th, 2015 by andre

A new version of BlaatLogin: OAuth has been released. Many changed have been made in this version: the admin panels have been rewritten to provide easier configuration. Each service is displayed separately in stead of putting everything on one page like the previous versions did. But this is only the beginning, much more is planned. But, back to this release. Early API support has been implemented, meaning, the ability to acquire user information from the service, rather then relying on the token. An investigation after a recent bug report showed this method only appeared to work with github and twitter. Therefore, with this new release, with support for Facebook, github, Google, Linkedin, Microsoft, and Twitter. Other services will be added in future releases. A question, what other services would you like to see?

One of the changes in this release is a split up of the plugin into three plugins. A BlaatSchaap Base plugin, containing shared code for all BlaatSchaap plugins, a BlaatLogin Base plugin, containing shared code for all BlaatLogin plugins, and the BlaatLogin OAuth plugin, containing the OAuth specific code.

Now there is a functional release, I will spend time on some improvements and implement additional features, which include requested features such as placing login buttons on any page, and disabling registration options.

Download: blaat_login_oauth_0.4.4

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