Moving repositories to github
December 2nd, 2013 by andre

My original planning was to mirror my repositories on GitHub. For this I wished to use a feature in gitosis which automatically pushes the changes to GitHub on a commit to my git server. However, the version of gisosis provided by Debian does not support this feature.

Also, I have not looked into getting gitweb working nicely along with ISPConfig. Therefore I have decided to move all repositories to GitHub.

In the past, I have decided against doing this due bad experiences with SourceForge. Back in 2009, my account was hacked, and the SourceForge staff did not respond to my requests to regain access to my account. To prevent being locked out again, I’ve decided to host my code myself. However, I think it’s time to start using a public code hosting provider again. This was, my code will also be easier to find.

Using git in stead of cvs and svn back in my days at SourceForge, a migration to another repository is also a lot easier to manage.

Anyways, I will be working on my WordPress OAuth plugin and plan to have a first release soon. (I know, I have said this before)

Anyhow, the bswpoauth repository is already at GitHub. Others will follow soon.

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