BlaatLogin: OAuth version 0.4.4 released
May 5th, 2015 by andre

A new version of BlaatLogin: OAuth has been released. Many changed have been made in this version: the admin panels have been rewritten to provide easier configuration. Each service is displayed separately in stead of putting everything on one page like the previous versions did. But this is only the beginning, much more is planned. But, back to this release. Early API support has been implemented, meaning, the ability to acquire user information from the service, rather then relying on the token. An investigation after a recent bug report showed this method only appeared to work with github and twitter. Therefore, with this new release, with support for Facebook, github, Google, Linkedin, Microsoft, and Twitter. Other services will be added in future releases. A question, what other services would you like to see?

One of the changes in this release is a split up of the plugin into three plugins. A BlaatSchaap Base plugin, containing shared code for all BlaatSchaap plugins, a BlaatLogin Base plugin, containing shared code for all BlaatLogin plugins, and the BlaatLogin OAuth plugin, containing the OAuth specific code.

Now there is a functional release, I will spend time on some improvements and implement additional features, which include requested features such as placing login buttons on any page, and disabling registration options.

Download: blaat_login_oauth_0.4.4

BlaatLogin OAuth version 0.4.4 upcoming
May 3rd, 2015 by andre

It seems I can’t stick with a name for my WordPress OAuth plugin. But now, I’m releasing it under the name BlaatLogin. I’m releasing a new version soon. The configuration pages have been rewritten, the user pages have been merged. Major changes, I was planning to save for a 0.5 release. However, a serious bug came up. When this bug was resolved, it turned out to be covering up a major design flaw, causing the plugin to malfunction in combination with many services. (It would work with github and Twitter, but not with Facebook and Google)
(Note: Any custom plugins based on my OAuth plugin have not been affected with this problem)

Therefore I will release a version 0.4.4, fixing these issues. It will be the first release that actually works. Consider it a preview release for 0.5. The new configuration pages are there, allowing the configuration of OAuth services, and fields for user identification API calls. For this release, only flat objects are supported in the answer. This means, it is for example not possible to set up Yahoo! or VK. The upcoming release comes with preconfigured support for Facebook, github, Google, Linkedin, Microsoft, and Twitter. For these services, existing configurations can be imported.

Another change is a plugin split-up. I am splitting up into a BlaatLogin Base and BlaatLogin OAuth plugin. The BlaatLogin Base will contain all the form generation code. It is a common code base that is used by all (upcoming) BlaatLogin plugins. (The VATSIM plugin will be updated to work with the BlaatLogin Base. Other plugins, such as OpenID and BrowserID are planned after the 0.5 release)

There will also be a BlaatSchaap Base plugin, which contains support code for all my (planned) plugins. At this moment, I am resolving some installation/dependency issues. When these are resolved, the 0.4.4 version will be released. I cannot promise when… even though this is a small issue… there are other projects that require my attention as well.

Stay tuned,

BlaatSchaap SSO OAuth 0.4.2 Released
Mar 26th, 2015 by andre

After announcing the improvements in the registration and linking code, it turned the code needed a few more tweaks. With this release, these issues are addressed.

Download: BlaatSchaap SSO: Oauth 0.4.2

BlaatSchaap SSO OAuth 0.4 Released
Mar 21st, 2015 by andre

A new version of the OAuth WordPress plugin has been released. This version mostly includes rewrites make it possible to integrate other authentication methods in future plugins. This is also the reason why I, from now on, will call it BlaatSchaap SSO OAuth. Anyhow, this release includes mostly stuctural rewrites, there are improvements in the account linking and account registration code. This release also includes icons for popular services. In particular, logos for bitbucket, bitly, dropbox, etsy, facebook, flickr, github, google, linkedin, meetup, microsoft, paypal, tumblr, twitter, vimeo, vk, wordpress, xing, yahoo and yandex have been added. Furthermore, there are some CSS enhancements to improve rendering on certain themes.

Edit: There is a last minute bugfix release 0.4.1, which fixes the sorting of the buttons displayed.

Downloads: blaatschaap-oauth_0.4, BlaatSchaap SSO: OAuth 0.4.1


BlaatSchaap OAuth 0.3.6 – another intermediate BUGFIX release
Mar 1st, 2015 by andre

Download BlaatSchaap OAuth 0.3.6 plugin for WordPress

It appears, when releasing BlaatSchaap OAuth 0.3.5, I’ve introduced a bug causing the page configuration page to generate an “option page not found” error message upon saving the settings. This bug was introduced while reconstructing the plugin so, in the future, other authentication mechanisms can be added. For this purpose I’ve renamed the page, causing the error. This problem is solved in this release.

However, the bug that was supposed to be fixed in the 0.3.5 release still remains. There is some unexpected behaviour in the WordPress database engine, causing a query not to run correctly. The same query runs perfectly fine when running it in phpmyadmin. Have a look at my problem, any suggestions?”.

If this issue can be resolved I will have an other intermediate release, otherwise I will be working on the next release, 0.4, which should include some more refactoring to create support for multiple authentication mechanisms. Furthermore, I might add some more icons for popular services.

BlaatSchaap OAuth 0.3.5 – intermediate BUGFIX release
Jan 19th, 2015 by andre

While I am working on a rewrite of the BlaatSchaap OAuth plugin, to create a stucture that allows integration of planned plugins for other Authentication mechanisms, I tripped into a bug that made me decide to release an intermediate version. The internal structure of the plugin has been changed a bit, but no new features have been introduced. Logos for many OAuth providers are still missing.

Download BlaatSchaap OAuth 0.3.5

The bug: when logged in, and attempting to link to an OAuth service, no check was performed to see if the OAuth account has already been linked to another local account. This problem has been fixed by this intermediate release.

BlaatSchaap Tiles update
Jan 19th, 2015 by andre

Even though the BlaatSchaap Tiles plugin is not yet ready for public release, it is currently in use at Transitiestad Eindhoven”, as this plugin is being developed at their request. With their feedback some more features where added to the plugin. I expect I can start rolling up a release soon. Stay tuned!

Current projects, an update
May 22nd, 2014 by andre

A little update on my current projects. I am currently working on WordPress plugins. Most notable is the OAuth plugin, currently version 0.3 is released. I am working on a rewrite of the plugins in a way to support interacting with other authentication plugins. If this rewrite is done, the architecture is ready to start writing, for example, an OpenID plugin, and have an OpenID button among the OAuth buttons.

I’ve also started another project, also a WordPress plugin, which offers creation of tiles from recent blog posts. The idea is that you can create a “fancy” front page using this plugin.

WordPress plugin “BlaatSchaap OAuth” version 0.2 released
Apr 12th, 2014 by andre

A new version of the BlaatSchaap OAuth WordPress plugin has been released:
In this release: missing “BlaatSchaap plugins” page has been added. When this page was accessed in 0.1 it produced an error message.
Synchronised with the OAuth library. New services have been added to the supported list.

Download: blaatoauth-0.2

BlaatSchaap OAuth released to WordPress
Dec 31st, 2013 by andre

The plugin has been accepted and is available at The goal to have a release in 2013 has been met. Now it is time to say goodbye to 2013, and welcome 2014. Happy new year folks!

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